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You can buy a leo from anywhere. Where else does it come with confidence?

Brand Statement

I dance. You dance. We dance.

We started Inside Out because we want every dancer to feel amazing all the time, both in dance and in life. And not just on the outside (although that’s great too!)—we mean on the inside.

As dancers, we all battle self-doubt. Am I good enough? Am I the right size? Do I have the right gear? We’ve all been there. As beautiful as dance is, it can play into these insecurities.

Inside Out is a new kind of dancewear—the kind designed to promote self-love, belief and courage, all the stuff that when it’s strong on the inside makes us shine much brighter on the outside ✨ So we make our leos as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, with little messages just for you to help you and feel amazing whenever you wear it. 

We are all unique and on our own journey. We want to be a part of your highs and lows. We are cheering for you every step of the way.

Chelsie's Story

Finding what’s important.

8-time Dancing With The Stars professional // So You Think You Can Dance All-star, finalist + choreographer // Emmy Nominated Choreographer // National Latin Champion

Growing up my worth was intrinsically tied to my dancing. If I was progressing in dance I felt good. If I was struggling in dance, I felt low.

At 16, I decided I wanted to audition for So You Think You Can Dance and knew I'd have to overcome my doubts and anxieties. Through some effort and a lot of faith I a lot of fear of putting myself out there and risking failure, but after some the underlying beliefs that I was rooted in started to wear on me I reached a level of burn out that made me dread every time I had to perform. I couldn't understand why I couldn't just enjoy it. Dance, which was once beautiful, was becoming a huge pain point in my life—I felt like I wasn’t worthy unless I was good at dancing. I had no idea how deep my worth was tied to my success as a dancer.

After years and time to reflect on what lead to that point I've learned new tools, new perspectives and who I am in and outside of dance.

I started Inside Out because I want to help the next generation of dancers to know their worth is not tied to their level of success in dance and in an industry that can focus so much on the external that it's whats on the inside that truly counts.