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Inside Out

Created to inspire the dancer both from the inside out and outside in.

We educate and inspire dancers through our events, mindset tools and products to excel in dance while maintaining a healthy mindset and providing encouraging and safe enviroments.

Everybody loves us.

I don't mind investing in high quality dancewear that my daughter will truly love and wear. The Lucy is honestly the nicest leotard we have purchased (and we have purchased many)! My daughter has put hers on for her last three ballet classes promising to only rotate it out if I buy more "cute and soft" Inside Out ones!"

- Nicole Jones, Dance Mom

I am a pretty picky mom when it comes to my daughter’s dance clothes… When she tried on the leotards we were sold.

— Tristi Lassig, Dance Mom

Each one of us is a beautiful, unique voice. No one will ever be like you, and you will never be like them. Keep finding your authentic self.

— Caroline Lewis-Jones, Professional Dancer, Teacher + Choreographer